Introduction to the course

Welcome! You've arrived at the world's best trading course. We will start at the absolute beginning for people who have no experience whatsoever but also provide clear examples and overviews of advanced topics that will benefit professional money managers.

Before we dive right into the content, we’ll quickly introduce the course itself so you have an overview of how it is structured and what its aims are.

Trading is an incredibly personal discipline and methods that work successfully for one person may not suit another trader’s temperament. There’s not a single ‘master plan’ or ‘global system’ that you can simply learn and copy with reliable results: if it were really that easy everyone would do it.

Nonetheless there are some basic pieces of knowledge that remain true for all traders and systems and those key building block topics are what we’ll cover in this course.

MT5 trading platform

The popular MT5 trading platform

This course will give you an overview of topics such as the below:

·         FX and CFD terminology and ways of doing things

·         Popular trading instruments

·         Charts and other tools

·         How to use trading software like MT4/MT5

·         The essentials of risk management

·         Some popular trading styles

·         Example real-world trading ideas

·         Example real-world losing trade post mortems

·         Advanced technical analysis

All traders need a solid grounding in these topics, although the average retail trader is unfortunately ignorant of many of them. For example, even if you personally disregard technical analysis, many other traders use it … and you will find it valuable to understand what drives their trading activity as it affects market prices.

Rather than go heavily into detail on each topic, which would be too long – after all, entire PhDs are written each year on single subtopics within risk management  – this course will serve as an introduction to each topic.

You’ll later want to explore those that interest you in more detail and we’ll provide in-depth follow-ups on each topic as well as links to other material available on the internet.

Please enjoy and don’t hesitate to get in touch with your feedback. We are always trying to improve our content and love hearing from our readers.

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